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Piqa - alpha bitch


My name is Piqa.  I'm a dog. (A "dog" must be some special kind of people.) Piqa the Weimaraner (I'm actually something called a "Weimaraner", but that doesn't mean anything to me.) How good do I have it?  Well let me tell you. I get yogurt mixed with my food in the mornings (along with a little white pill that I spit out if I find it), and a sardine mixed with my food in the evenings. My people won't feed me at the table, but I get lots of treats at other times of the day and in other places. I LOVE the sardines; they're nice and smelly. I'm not allowed on the bed.  Yet.

My full name is Sveorice's O'Nuna Piqati. I like "Piqa" better. "Piqati" is the Inuktitut word for "companion." "Nuna" is the Inuktitut word for "land."  So I guess I'm a "land companion."  That's appropriate because I'm always with my people, going for walks, or hikes, or swimming, or going for a drive in the car. (Pop had new tires put on. At least I think that's what he said. Something about "retired"; so we have lots of time.) (My people don't swim a lot; they're too old; and they don't like the cold water.)  I don't have a lot of friends, but I'm easy to get along with.  When Myla the Boxer is home, we run a lot.  She swims too, but I think I'm a better swimmer now. I can't catch her when we run; she turns too fast. If she'd only run in a straight line, I'd catch her. Lua, the Malinois, is another friend, but I've only seen him once when we went to a place called Vermont.  He's nice; he likes to be boss.  I don't mind. 

In the winter I get to chase skidoos. (My people don't like that.) I catch the skidoos too and make them stop.  They're too big to bring back, so I just let them go ahead for a little, them I stop them again. It's great fun. I once caught a packer on a ski slope. I like it in the winter.  I only got cold once.  I have a coat, but I only wore it once. I may need something for my paws this winter if I'm going to go chasing skidoos. Pop tells me there are skidoo trails all over this island; if I can learn to ride on the little things you tow behind, I may get to travel a bit.  I bet that will be cold. I'll have to give that some thought.

My people will keep you updated on the hikes we take.  I wish they had as much energy as I have; I wish they'd keep up with me;  I wish they'd stay together so I wouldn't have to keep track of them.  Sigh!

Occasionally I write my thoughts along with pop's on his "rant" pages.  You may have to search hard to find them. 

This is me with the fjords of the Long Range Mountains behind me. My people took me on a hike to Western Brook Pond where all the meeses are, and the caribou. It was a nice day. I got to run and sniff the meeses.


Weimaraner Gros Morne National Park



If you'd like to see more pictures of me, go to the PiqaPics in the Photo Gallery.

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