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Gros Morne National Park
    The gem of the Island

East Coast Trail
    The best series of interlinked trails

Marine Atlantic
    How most people get here

Terra Nova National Park
    Our second National Park

Newfoundland and Labrador Tourism
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Newfoundland and Labrador Photography
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our guide to hiking and travelling in Newfoundland and Labrador

Whale in Witless Bay, Newfoundland

Welcome to our site, our attempt to make your journey and your stay a little easier and a little more enjoyable.

The island of Newfoundland is LARGE.  It is the 16th largest island in the world, with an area of over 42,000 sq miles.  It's bigger than Cuba, or Iceland, or Ireland.  It's not a day trip.


If you're just going to be here for three or four days, choose one area to visit, either the west coast of the island and Gros Morne National Park, or the East Coast of the Island and St. John's and the Avalon Peninsula.


If you have ten days to two weeks, either come by boat to Port Aux Basques, take your time exporing the island, and either drive back to Port Aux Basques, or take the longer boat trip back to North Sydney via Argentia. Or, fly into Deer lake, rent a car, take your time doing West Coast, Gros Morne, St. Anthony and the Vikings, then drive on across the island making as many side trips as you have time for, and fly out of St. John's.  More and more people seem to be doing the latter.


You can EASILY spend two weeks on this Island. You will spend WAY more time in your car that you would have expected to, and you will find a dozen places and areas that you would like to explore more. Newfoundland has a thousand Peggy's Coves (a popular spot for tourists in Nova Scotia), without the commercialism.


(Today, May 17, 2011 - just started a concerted effort to rebuild this site.)


The Puffin, the provincial bird of Newfoundland and Labrador


Newfoundland and Labrador Photography
Our guide to the province.